The Municipal Civil Registrar’s Office shall be responsible for the accurate and reliable civil registration services pursuant to Civil Registry Law ( RA 5733)    
               An efficient, effective and quality-based services with globally competitive service staff through a systematic civil registration system focused on the expanding information technology.
               To provide quality civil registry documents and efficient civil registration services to the Mapanasnons.
1. Registration of Births, Deaths, Marriages, Legal Instruments, Court Orders and other registrable events        
2. Processing of Correction of Entries of Civil Registry Documents            
3. Annotation of Civil Registry Documents              
4. Endorsement to NSO/PSA

Adriano L. Orio


Services Offered

  • Issuance of Authenticated copies of Birth Certificate, Deaths & Marriages
  • Issuance of certified true copy of registrable document recorded on our office.
  • Processing of Petition under Republic Act No. 9048 & 10172
  • Free of charge on time registration of documents from PSA under the Batch Request (BReQs)
  • Annual conduct of Mass Wedding/Marriages under exceptional character
  • Conduct of a yearly Mobile Registration at far flung barangay
  • Assist in the processing of Pre-Marriage Counselling of would be couples in close coordination with the MSWDO & RHU
  • Assist in the tree-planting project of the MAO as required by a municipal ordinance that would-be couples msut plant a tree before undergoing a pre-marriage counseling sessions
  • Close coordination with Barangay Secretaries for the smooth conduct of civil registration in every barangay.
  • Issuance of Certificate of Finality to a successful court proceedings or duly decided cases filed in court.
  • Issuance of certifications related to the vital information regarding individual for insurance claims or benefits.