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Originally, MAPANAS was a barrio of the Municipality of Palapag, then became a barrio of Gamay when the latter was separated from Palapag and became a town.

Historical events related by old folks which dates back to the 18th century, said that the settlers of the place were hunters from the town of Palapag who migrated to Mapanas because of fear from the “PULAHANES.” they hunted for the birds and wild pigs, others collected vines and rattans, which are used in the constructions of their settlers. news of a good life, food abundance and beautiful sceneries attracted more settlers, which in time become a barrio of Palapag.

As to how the place got to be named “MAPANAS”, again the old folks relate that the place was noted of beautiful multi colored birds, which in time became extinct because of the existence of poisonous snakes that killed them. the presence of snake’s prints locally called as “panas” along hunting prints as common sights for hunters. so,whenever someone saw snakes prints, they call out “may panas!” which means “there are snaakes prints”, “May panas” became “maypanas” then later became “MAPANAS” WHICH BECAME THE OFFICIAL NAME OF THE PLACE UNTIL IT BECAME A MUNICIPALITY.